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Men! Please check your balls…

Yip you read it right! Tonight as you lay in bed take a moment to check your testicles. Why? Because testicular cancer kills more young New Zealand men than any other disease…but if it is diagnosed early, it has the highest rate of cure of all cancer.

This week is Men’s Health Week and that is one scary statistic.

Not many of us like reading statistics because it might just seem like numbers on a page. Well the reality is that those numbers are actually people. You or a mate could be one of the 150 young men diagnosed with testicular cancer in NZ each year. Or be the one of 1 in 8 experiencing severe depression.

Some of what the statistics show…

so-whatsNZ men live on average four years less than women, and yet still remain much less likely to talk to a GP about their health.

One New Zealand man dies every three hours of a potentially avoidable illness; with death rates for Maori men nearly double that of non-Maori (Statistics NZ).

6 out of 10 New Zealand males are overweight.

Nearly a quarter of New Zealand men smoke.

27% of men have potentially hazardous drinking patterns.

Men are at greater risk of stroke than women, with stroke being the second biggest single cause of death and the largest cause of disability in adults in New Zealand.

Are you doing all you can for your health and wellness?

Start by jumping over to the Men’s Health Week website and find out what your health score is.  If it’s not looking that great don’t sit on it do something! Your life could literally depend on you taking ACTION today.

Check your balls!  Get more information from the Testicular Cancer website and check out their you tube clip (yes it’s that important that they’ve made a video so you get it right!)

Be a mate and forward this on to your mates to. Get Pro-active rather thank waiting till you have to react to news because as they say prevention is better than cure.

How we can help.

One of Back In Action’s key values are ACTION and RESULTS. If you need help with weight loss of increasing your fitness then get in touch we have a registered Dietitian – Sarah Percy who can help you through simple changes to get your diet on track. We have personal trainers, Pilates instructors and physios who can help you with your fitness and we have massage therapists who can help you relieve stress an increase your mental wellbeing.  Whether you seek help through our services or elsewhere doesn’t matter but if that score isn’t looking pretty just be sure to do everything you can to set it right.