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Payment & Cancellation Terms

Back In Action is a fee-for-service clinic, meaning that we collect payment at the time of treatment (cash, eftpos, cheque - sorry no credit).  We are happy to email you an invoice to pay online on the day of your treatment.

When you sign our consent firm you will be asked to agree to the following payment terms.

I hereby agree to pay:

  • For any private treatment or ACC co-payment within 24hrs of my appointment, unless prior arrangement has been made.
  • For any treatment that is declined by ACC or other funder and therefore needs a top up to meet the private fee charge.
  • The costs of materials such as orthotics, materials, products etc

Back In Action may apply a $5 admin fee for time spent recovering fees and should a debt recovery service be required, the client will be liable for any recovery fees.


Booked Pilates Classes require 24hrs notice of any cancellation to avoid full charge for the missed class.



Cancellation/ No Show Policy

We understand that the unexpected happens from time to time however we would appreciate your notice that you are unable to attend your appointment as soon as possible.  We are happy to reschedule your appointment to suit your commitments.  It is Back In Action policy (as signed on your consent form) that if you fail to attend your appointment, without notice, or cancel within 2 hours, of your scheduled appointment time, you will be charged a $20 no show/ late cancellation fee.

Staff Physiotherapist

Staff Physiotherapists hold a minimum bachelors degree with some holding post graduate certificates.
Type Price
ACC Initial Assessment $33
ACC Initial Assessment Complex $50
ACC Follow-up $33
Private Initial Assessment $65
Private Follow-up $65

Senior Physiotherapist

Senior Physiotherapists hold post-graduate qualifications from diploma level through to masters. They are experienced in years of practice as well as knowledge.)
Type Price
ACC Initial Assessment $40
ACC Initial Assessment Complex $60
ACC Follow-up $40
Private Initial Assessment $73
Private Follow-up $73


Please note that the funding ACC provides for Chiropractic services differs from that of Physiotherapy hence the differing fees.
Type Price
ACC Initial Assessment $45
ACC Follow-up $35
Private Initial Assessment $90
Private Follow-up $73

Clinical Pilates

Click here for more details about clinical pilates.
Type Price
Pilates Pre- Assessment $FREE
1:1 30min session $60
Pilates Casual $30
5 Pilates Classes $140
10 Pilates Classes + 1 FREE $286
15 Pilates Classes + 1 FREE $416
20 Pilates Classes + 2 FREE $572

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy services are currently only available at our Masterton clinic. Vouchers are also available for purchase.
Type Session Price
All Massage 60 minutes $90
All Massage 45 minutes $75
All Massage 30 minutes $50

Additional Information

Additional charges apply on ACC consults when a request for further treatment is required or when your injury claim is more than 52 weeks old and requiring reactivation.

If you have any queries please don't hesitate to ask.