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Payment Terms

Back In Action is a fee-for- service meaning that we collect payment on the day of your treatment.

Before seeing one of our team you will be asked to read and accept our payment terms.

You agree to pay for:

Senior Clinicians

Our senior clinicians have >10yrs experience in clinical practice and/or hold post-graduate qualifications from diploma level through to masters.
$ 50-86 per consult
  • ACC Consultation - $50
  • Private Consultation - $86

Staff Clinicians

Our staff clinicians have >6yrs in private practice and some hold post-graduate certificates.
$ 40-70 per consult
  • ACC Consultation - $40
  • Private Consultation - $70

Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

We have three Pelvic Health physiotherapist who can help with a variety of needs. Book with Lisa, Lizette or Megan
$ 50 - 160 per treatment
  • Private Pelvic Health Initial - $160
  • Private Pelvic Health Follow-up - $106
  • ACC Maternal Birth Injury Initial - $60
  • ACC Maternal Birth Injury Follow-up - $50

Massage Therapy

Catherine Pearce - Remedial Massage Therapist (Dip Remedial Massage)
$ 70 - 120 per consult
  • 30 min massage - $70
  • 45min massage - $90
  • 60min massage - $100

Pregnancy Massage

Catherine has specialist training in pregnancy massage. She utilises pregnancy massage wedges to ensure your comfort throughout.
$ 110 - 120 per consult
  • First Pregnancy Massage - $120
  • Follow-up Pregnancy Massage - $110

Service Fee Update

Changes apply to all appointments from 14th April

We would like to let you know that as of 14th April 2023 there will be an update to our service fees.

Our fees have not seen an increase in 2 years.

The Back In Action team are committed to standing by our values of CHIL (Connection, Health, Integrity and Learning) and in doing so, delivering a quality standout service.

We remain an accredited practice which means we are audited on both our business and clinical practice to keep us accountable to a high standard. The update to our fees will allow us to continue to maintain this standard and recognize the expertise and training our staff undergo to deliver up-to-date, evidence based clinical practice.

We’re grateful that you have chosen our team to work alongside you as you invest in your greatest asset – your health!

A Gold card discount is available on request for initial appointments only.