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Occupational or Workplace health is focused around keeping you, your employees and your colleagues safe in the workplace. Identifying risk factors and looking at practical ways to eliminate or minimise that risk through education.

Pre-Emplyment Assessments

















Pre-Employment Assessments involve an analysis of the physical demands of a job and its related tasks and the assessment of potential employees to help determine whether their physical abilities meet the role requirements.

The information provided by such assessments allow employers to have confidence in employees being able to carry out the tasks required of them and also ensure that the employees taken on are in the best physical condition to avoid injury while carrying out their daily job tasks.

These sessions take approx 1 hr and test a range of functional requirements and physical fitness.

A detailed report is sent through to the employer on completion.

Cost: $250 per assessment.

Workplace Assessment














Whether you work on a factory line or from a desk it’s important that the set up in such a way as to reduce injury and promote function.

A workplace assessment is a comprehensive analysis of the individual which includes background information, current presentation (subjective and objective), work environment / work layout factors, work organization, work routine, work demands, work tasks and work methods.

The assessment is carried out in conjunction with the employee and employer and may lead to recommendations such as adapting the work environment (change of desk height, addition of a foot stool and a variety of equipment) and education in changes of posture and technique in order to optimise the employees performance.

These assessments look at individual requirements for their work environment. EG desk, chair functionality as well as computer monitor heights and functional layouts of work stations be they in a factory or office setting.

Onsite Education Workshops


















Knowledge is power and we love to teach people new and improved ways of moving and using their bodies well. Having a good understanding of these things can reduce the chance of injury and enhance day to day well-being.

They include education on wellness and can include a focus on:

  • Workplace moving and handling workshops
  • Injury prevention
  • Micro break exercise programs,
  • Healthy living

Prior to these sessions we we will meet online or with a site visit to meet with management to ensure our focus and content are aligned with your desired outcome.

Cost: $180/hr

Offsite fee: $60

Onsite Education Workshops












Back In Action is a provider of ACC Vocational Rehabilitation Contracts and is also the preferred provider for a number of local companies who are Accredited Employers

When an employee injures themselves, and needs to be off work for an extended period of time, we partner with them and their employer to work on the safest way to help them recover from their injury and get them back to work.

These programs involve:

  • A comprehensive workplace meeting and job assessment.
  • A functional assessment carried out by a physiotherapist.
  • Liaison with the individual and employer to produce an appropriate monitored and graduated return-to-work plan.
  • Liaison with case managers, health providers –  GP’s and specialists, to develop and co-ordinate a safe and considered rehabilitation plan.

For situations where en employee may need to be off work for non-ACC medical reasons our occupational health staff can still formulate a return to work plan for your management team to follow. This will enable a successful and sustainable return to work for an employee dealing with an event which has prevented them from working their full hours.

Non ACC Cost: $180/hr

Site visit fee: $60