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Success Story – Michelle reaching new heights!

Taken from Physiotherapy New Zealand website.

Michelle Hight says that physiotherapy helped her get back into work which is also doing something she loves.


The original reason Michelle Hight had to see a physio was because she fell off her horse while jumping – fracturing her right hip and tearing cartilage. I underwent surgery to repair the damage and part of my recovery was to have physiotherapy – this is when I met Lydia Stallion at ‘Back in Action’ Carterton.


It only took three to four weeks before Michelle started feeling stronger. Admitting that she had good days and bad days. Sometimes a particular exercise was too much so they had to take a step back, but Michelle always felt like she was progressing and they could always come back to the tough exercises again a week later and try again.


“Lydia’s manner was awesome, she was so helpful and understanding of my pain and limitations, but she still encouraged me just enough.”


Michelle no longer needs to see a physio, and is back to riding my horses again, which also means she is back at work as she owns a horse trekking business.

“My hobby is also my job.”


Michelle says that still get pain now and then, especially on long days in the saddle.

“To manage pain I take anti flams occasionally, and light pain killers, not very often now, I also go to the gym every morning to continue to re build the muscle.”

Michelle says her experience with Lydia and physio in general was great, and that she would highly recommend to others.


“My friend, my mother and step father have all been to ‘Back in Action’ in Carterton on my recommendation.”


Michelle works at Patuna Farm Adventures.

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