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The Road to Recovery

By: Simon Pumfrey

The vast majority of new patients get recommended to Back In Action by satisfied current patients. These individuals receive a thorough Initial Consultation and following this a comprehensive Report of Findings (ROF). As part of the ROF the individual treatment plan is outlined. The treatment plan has 3 distinct phases each of which are just as important as the others, they are:

1. Relief Phase – primary focus here is the decrease in the individuals symptoms.

2. Rehabilitation Phase – this is about strengthening and stabilising certain areas, self mobilisation techniques to ensure other areas stay moving.

3. Maintenance Phase – this keeps the body is functioning order. Similar to getting a WOF for your car or visiting the dentist for a check.

Do you suffer from headaches?

Headaches account for about 4% of GP consultations and up to 30% of neurology appointments. Headaches are classified as either primary or secondary. The most common primary headaches are tension-type; migraine; cluster and cervicogenic headaches. These headaches are due to either a cervical spine and/or neck and shoulder muscle imbalance, although eyes and the jaw can play a role in headaches. Simon Pumfrey, chiropractor at Back In Action, has successfully rehabilitated someone from headaches who had been suffering for 70 years!  If you needlessly suffer from headaches or know someone else who does, schedule an appointment with Simon today.