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Team Plum Crazy!

100km Trailwalker Challenge? No worries!

Four Team Plum Crazy!local mums (Fiona Nelson, Cathryn Kerr, Fiona Higgison (Greytown) & Angela Bush (Carterton) made a decision about 12 months ago to have a go at the Oxfam 100km Trailwaker challenge – which is where a team of 4 each have to complete 100km walk in Taupo. The event is a major fundraiser for the Oxfam Charity and has been going in New Zealand since 2006.

Team Leader Fi (Nelson) – having completed Trailwalker in 2009 in an impressive 24.5 hours decided it was time for another go – she put an ad in the school news letter and attracted 3 unassuming team mates. The 3 newbies had very little idea what they were agreeing to but a year out thought – “how hard could it be?” Oh well a challenge it was to be.

Fi being the great leader she is has worked the many training schedules around everyone’s busy lives and we have seen a lot of Wairarapa as we went – up and over the incline & back again and up the Pylon Track, Henley Lake and beyond, Fensham Reserve, Lake Reserve, Greytown Rail Trail all many times over and many roads in between, day and night.

4 x 40 ish mums who you might think had nothing better to do with their time but to push themselves to the extremes of their mental & physical fortitude!

But the road travelled thus far has been a worthwhile one. Team mates getting to know each other. Many challenges big and small (where on earth did that muscle come from & how come it hurts so much? & how come there is no fat on the soles of my feet but plenty elsewhere?) BUT many accomplishments – who knew we could achieve what we have already. So bring it on!

Back In Action are proud sponsors of “Plum Crazy” and would like to encourage others to show them and Oxfam their support

(You can visit Team Plum Crazy on the or on facebook under Plum Crazy Oxfam Trailwalker)