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    Exercise of the Month – Lunge

    Exercise of the Month – Lunge

    By: Simon Pumfrey

    An important part of rehabilitation is the need to train the body in all planes of movement (see “road to recovery” post). We are often very good at moving forward and backward but not so good side to side or rotating. The lunge exercise is an excellent exercise for teaching the brain and nervous system how to move in one direction but then to stabilise in the other two directions. This is an awesome rehabilitation and/or base conditioning exercise for all athletes where their sport involves them running. If you have difficulty controlling this basic movement then running, changing direction in a sport will at some point create an injury. The progression of this basic movement would be walking lunges, multi-directional lunges then to more plyometric type exercises.

    Please seek advise from one of the professionals in the clinic prior to attempting the progression exercises. PS it also develops a strong BUTT!!!!

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