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Lift Class

High intensity interval workout – short and sharp 45 mins designed to lift your ability to concentrate and focus throughout the afternoon.

Core Capability Class

Get those tummy muscles sorted and the rest of your body will love you for it!

Flexibility First ,
Fitness Class

A great stretch class focusing on flexibility -assisted with foam rollers and swiss balls.

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  • Always follow the Golden Rules

    Always follow the Golden Rules

    It’s on the back of our business cards and it’s the guide we give to all our patients to ensure they are not doing any further damage when rehabilitating from an injury.  Always remember the three golden rules for exercise or activity: 1: Pain must not exceed 5/10 during activity. 2. Pain must return to

  • Exercise of the Month – Lunge

    Exercise of the Month – Lunge

    By: Simon Pumfrey An important part of rehabilitation is the need to train the body in all planes of movement (see “road to recovery” post). We are often very good at moving forward and backward but not so good side to side or rotating. The lunge exercise is an excellent exercise for teaching the brain

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