• 16 DEC 14
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    Improving body awareness when running





    It been a while since I’ve posted on the website since starting my marathon journey. This youtube link sums up the principles that I am applying to my movement patterns and my new running technique (a combination of chi and pose running that works for me). It collates all the main idea’s in relation to running biomechanics that is free to access on the internet.

    I have been doing lots of research into running biomechanics and looking at a variety of sources for inspiration, technique correction, appropriate exercises, pilates, eating regimes, training patterns and schedules, alternative exercises, and water running.

    My goal was to have completed a 10km run at an average pace (60mins or under) by the start of December and to be on track for the half marathon in the Hutt Valley in January 2015.

    This sadly is not the case, like so many of you that take up something from nothing – I got injured, again.

    I had successfully rehabilitated my calves and they were feeling fine on runs up to 8km’s. My body was feeling the best it had been in a while and I was starting to up my running but sadly I let my pilates and core strengthening fall by the wayside. Then one nasty drop shot while playing squash later, I overreached and felt a water-like trickle  come from my lower back into my glutes leaving me with a minor disc bulge at L5/S1. This is recovering well after a few physiotherapy sessions of acupuncture, dry needling, exercise therapy and pilates.

    Like the martathon event itself, it is not a sprint. I can’t rush into it and I am glad I have given myself the 12 months to prepare for something I have never done before. It takes the pressure off when I am injured and also will allow me to correct all the little flaws. Injuries are inevitable, but if you can prevent them by analysing what is going on with your body as you move, you have the power to rehabilitate yourself.

    Hopefully 2015 will be the start of a new injury free Eoin. Only if I remember…core, core, core


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